The beginnings

4 Seasons – Logic of Nature was designed as an experiment. It was this unique feeling – we wanted to create something absolutely special. Something similar to the ideal, model game: with no ads, no paywall, with great quality – perfect for intelligent, mature players who can understand and appreciate our efforts. Firstly we thought about the short project, but we have recognized that people like the game very much, and truly… we also fell in love with this game! We decided to change the game totally. We have changed all brushes, graphics, icons, tutorial, difficulty levels, maps, seasons amount, every tree, every cloud, sounds & music…

We know that we have invested too much, but… game design is our passion and we still believe that the game 4 Seasons – Logic of Nature will be recognized! 

Is it for me?

If you like intellectual entertainment without stress caused by the time passing by, you like to think about the world we live in and you have your own thoughts about the human nature, 4 Seasons – Logic of Nature is the game exactly for you.

Demanding people will surely appreciate its perfect design and beautiful realization. Lovely images and delightful music will give you joy and relaxation.
During the game you have to discover a hidden pattern of nature and help trees to reach the right season. You will face 64 various levels of the game. After having completed some levels you will unlock part of a conversation between the raven and the mysterious creature…

Ready to try?

Where can I get it?

4 Seasons is a mobile game suitable for all Android and iOS devices (tablets and mobiles). It also goes with Windows mobile devices.

When can I get it?

From March 12, 4 Seasons – Logic of Nature is available on Android and Windows platform stores!

Get it on Google Play

Get it from Microsoft

From May 19, the game is available also on App Store!


At the end…

One more important thing – we promise you, that any advertising will not destroy reflective atmosphere of the game! Enjoy! But please, remember that we put a whole heart and a lot of work in this game. If you think it deserves a reward, do not forget about the donation. We count on you!

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