Grzegorz Florg_flor

Game designer. He designed the game 4 Seasons – Logic of Nature, wrote the story and dialogues.
He is 37y, psychologist, manager.
His motto: Run faster than dreams!
After 11y, he left manager position in big corporation to follow his life-passion. He always loved creating games. Now he is spending all his time on designing mechanics, balancing, reading about games. He supports gamedev clients as a freelancer. He’s ultimate goal in game design is to create F2P MMO game in cooperation with NASA to create self-financing, extremely effective, real rescue groups, always ready to immediate reaction in case of natural disasters. If you want help him, just write.


m_piotrowskiMaciej Piotrowski

Programmer. He programmed all logic and mechanics of the game and developed all the animations and application screens, he was also responsible for all the technical aspects associated with the Unity 3D engine.
His motto: Well-defined purpose and hard work is the only way to achieve success.
Privately he’s great fan of new technologies and gadgets. Avid gamer and a keen admirer of digital entertainment. His biggest dream is to create his own business in the computer games industry. At work he thinks highly of professionalism and meticulousness, he doesn’t approve of half-measures. In other words, when he starts something, he does it until the very end.


Anna Flora_flor

Artist, graphic designer and psychologist. She was responsible for all the graphics in the project 4 Seasons – Logic of Nature.
Her motto: To have an open mind, observe, experience, draw conclusions and learn constantly lifelong…
She is a fan of the human imagination, creativity and ingenuity. She also likes to create by herself. She likes to explore and test new technologies as well.