Woah! Get this game!!

I find it absolutely ridiculous that I had no clue about this game until now! It’s AMAZING! Mentality challenging, and beautiful on the eyes! A very gorgeous game with a deep meaningful story behind it!
WE NEED MORE GAMES LIKE THIS! We have too many mindless sheeple playing stupid Kardashian role-playing games, when they should be playing this!
I can’t wait to get my paycheck so I can donate! Because I also LOVE LOVE LOVE that the game isn’t covered with cheesy annoying ads like all the other games.
The people who made this wanted to make something original, beautiful, and for older mature gamers and they definitely achieved that in every aspect of this game.
Simple yet refreshing. Honestly I feel like this could be an all around ages game, maybe we can finally instill young minds with some important messages about the planet they live on!
Instead of filling them with the artificially dramatic lives of the undeserving, 1%, sun-tanned, ego maniacs of the world!

Excellent job, I can’t wait to see more!

Hayley_Ino (user from the USA)